Dec. 29, 2020

2020 Year in Review!

2020 Year in Review!

Positively Trek 77: 2020 Year in Review!Plus: Q May Be Back & Scotty Aboard the ISS

2020 may have lacked in other areas, but it was a banner year for Star Trek! Four separate Star Trek series saw new episodes air during the course of the year, and the future looks even brighter for fans of Trek!

In this episode of Positively Trek, hosts Bruce and Dan talk about some of the high points of 2020 with regards to Star Trek. We also recap some of the top Trek news stories from the past week, including the revelation of a twelve-year secret plot involving James Doohan’s ashes and the International Space Station!

The Best and Worst TV Moments of 2020 -

John de Lancie Hints He May Return As Q To Star Trek, Again -

Star Trek actor James Doohan's ashes were smuggled on board the International Space Station after his death in 2005 -

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