Aug. 11, 2020

A 1930s Gangster Star Trek Movie?

A 1930s Gangster Star Trek Movie?

Emma Watts, the new film chief at Paramount Pictures, has decided to make the direction of the Star Trek film franchise a priority. But what will be the next Trek film? In this week’s Positively Trek, Bruce and Dan discuss the possibilities, including the unique idea behind that Quentin Tarrantino film that has surfaced once again. Plus, there is news from Mike McMahan about Lower Decks, a new DS9 video series involving several cast members, and updates about the books and comics! Top Priority At Paramount: Figure Out ‘Star Trek’ Reboot:

Watch ‘Alone Together,’ A 4-Part Remote Series Read By ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Actors In Character:

Series showrunner Mike McMahan spoke with the How to Kill an Hour podcast earlier this week:

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