Nov. 5, 2021

Book Club: The Buried Age

Book Club: The Buried Age

Positively Trek 155: Book Club: The Buried AgePicard as Indiana Jones?

While billed as a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett is also labelled “A Novel of The Lost Era,” continuing the stories set between the end of the classic Star Trek films and the beginning of TNG and “Encounter at Farpoint.” In the pages of this millennia- and epoch-spanning story, we learn a great deal about the history of our galaxy and what made Captain Jean-Luc Picard into the man we see at the beginning of his journey aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

In this episode of the Positively Trek Book Club, hosts Bruce and Dan discuss The Buried Age. We talk about The Battle of Maxia, Picard’s trial, a quest to discover hidden secrets of the galaxy’s past, the mysterious Ariel, the measure of a man, the lessons learned in this story, the origins of Picard’s crew, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings for The Buried Age.

Christopher L. Bennett’s annotations for The Buried Age:

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