March 5, 2021

Book Club: The Needs of the Many

Book Club: The Needs of the Many

Positively Trek 93: Book Club: The Needs of the ManyWith Special Guest: Author Michael A. Martin

In 2010, the Star Trek community was eagerly anticipating the launch of Star Trek Online, the Trek universe’s first MMORPG (massively multiplayer online game). To tie into this next chapter of the Star Trek universe, the publishers of Trek novels produced a special tie-in to the game chronicling “The Long War,” the conflict between the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and the Undine, also known as Species 8472.

In this episode of the Positively Trek Book Club, hosts Bruce and Dan are joined by Michael A. Martin to discuss his novel The Needs of the Many. We talk about Star Trek Online, the premise of the story, Michael’s co-author Jake Sisko, favorite parts of the book, and wrap up with what Michael is up to now and where he can be found online.

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GuestMichael A. Martin 

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