Dec. 28, 2020

Discovery Review: “Su’Kal” (3.11)

Discovery Review: “Su’Kal” (3.11)
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Positively Trek 76: Discovery Review: “Su’Kal” (3.11)“What is it you say when you do your jumpy thing?” 

An away team from Discovery tracks the source of the burn to a lone Kelpien on a crashed ship in the Verubin Nebula. Meanwhile, Osyrra closes in on Discovery and her goal of obtaining the spore drive for the Emerald Chain. With Tilly left in command, Saru, Burnham, and Culber are cut off from the ship and must make contact with the Kelpien before history repeats itself with another dreaded burn…

In this Star Trek: Discovery review episode of Positively Trek, hosts Bruce and Dan discuss season three, episode eleven: “Su’Kal.” We talk about the mystery of the Khi’eth, Su’Kal’s torment, Saru’s command abilities, the strange holographic fortress, Tilly’s command style, Culber’s motivations, Adira & Gray, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

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