Aug. 30, 2022

Farewell to Bruce!

Farewell to Bruce!

Plus: Lower Decks Review: “Grounded” (Season 3 Premiere!)

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Positively Trek 212: Farewell to Bruce!

Plus: Lower Decks Review: “Grounded” (Season 3 Premiere!) 


In this week’s episode ofPositively Trek, the show bids farewell to host Bruce Gibson. For over 200 episodes, Bruce has been an integral part of the show, but the time has come to move on to bigger things!


Dan and Bruce also cover the week’sTreknews, including some unfortunate news for the upcomingStar Trekfilm, some hints about Tasha Yar from STLV, Nichelle Nichols taking one last trip to space, and looking ahead to theStar Trek Daylivestream on September 8th.


We also share our thoughts on the season three premiere ofStar Trek: Lower Decks: “Grounded.”


‘Star Trek 4’ Loses Director, Paramount Still Moving Forward With The Project -


Denise Crosby Hints Tasha Yar Will Appear In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 -

Nichelle Nichols’ Ashes Headed To Space, Joining Star Trek Legends On “Enterprise” Memorial Launch -


Livestream STAR TREK DAY Event Returns On September 8 -


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Opening (00:00:00)

Matt Shakman Exits Star Trek 4 (00:05:21)

Tasha Yar in Season 3 of Picard? (00:11:50)

Nichelle Nichols’ Ashes to Go Into Space (00:14:40)

Star Trek Day Livestream (00:17:09)

Patreon Shout Out (00:30:38)

Lower Decks Review: “Grounded” - 3.01 (00:31:22)

Farewell to Bruce (00:47:48)

Closing (00:59:46)



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