Sept. 8, 2020

Happy Star Trek Day!

Happy Star Trek Day!

54 years ago today, U.S. audiences were first introduced to Star Trek with the airing of “The Man Trap” on NBC. Now, the face of the franchise spawned by those humble early days is much different, and could scarcely be imagined all those years ago.

In this episode of the Flagship show of Positively Trek, hosts Bruce and Dan celebrate Star Trek Day! We also talk about Discovery’s new groundbreaking cast members, the return of Kenneth Mitchell in season 3, and outline the day’s celebrations of the 54th anniversary of Star Trek!


New Faces Beam Aboard STAR TREK: DISCOVERY for Season 3; First Non-Binary, Transgender TREK Casting:

Klingon No More: Kenneth Mitchell Gets His Human Moment in STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 3:

Star Trek Day Celebrations:


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