May 18, 2021

Lower Decks Blu-Ray Spectacular!

Lower Decks Blu-Ray Spectacular!
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Positively Trek 109: Lower Decks Blu-Ray Spectacular!Plus: Win a Copy of The Lower Decks Season One Blu-Ray!

It’s May 18th, and Star Trek: Lower Decks season one is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray! In this episode of Positively Trek, hosts Dan and Bruce discuss all of the special features of the newest addition to our Star Trek home video collection. Thank you to CBS for providing us with a review copy to be able to dissect!

We also have a giveaway! Listen closely to this episode to find out how you can win one of three Lower Decks season one blu-ray sets. We also reveal the winner of last week’s giveaway of a copy of Star Trek: Shipyards: The Borg and Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim from Hero Collector.

In the news this week, we talk about Kate Mulgrew’s recent comments about her character’s return on the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy. Warning for spoilers if you don’t want to find out how she’s coming back!

Kate Mulgrew Explains How STAR TREK: PRODIGY’s Alien Cast Meets Her New Holographic Captain Janeway -

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