Dec. 1, 2020

Picard, Pizza, and Playthings!

Picard, Pizza, and Playthings!

Positively Trek 67: Picard, Pizza, and Playthings!With Special Guest Matthew Kaplowitz, Host of Trek Untold

This week in Star Trek news: we have word from Star Trek: Picard cast member Evan Evagora about the upcoming filming of seasons two and three, the cast of Star Trek: Voyager revisits a particularly (in)famous episode, Q celebrates Thanksgiving with The Doctor, Janeway, and pizza, and we have news about new Star Trek action figures from Noble Toys. All of this, plus behind the scenes of the podcast Trek Untold with host Matthew Kaplowitz, who joins Bruce and Dan for this episode!

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Two Seasons of Star Trek: Picard Filming in 2021:

Kate Mulgrew, Robert McNeill, And Garrett Wang Revisit “Threshold,” That Infamous ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Episode:

Celebrate Thanksgiving By Watching John de Lancie Make Pizza With Bob Picardo and Kate Mulgrew:

Noble Toys launches new Bendyfigs range, including TOS characters:

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