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Lives up to the name!

Just a really wholesome and and respectful and lovely bunch of folks talking about Star Trek! This show feels like sitting down to a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

Amazing Star Trek Podcast

I have listened to both of you on the Trek FM network before I was really happy to see you had made your own podcast and I love that is podcast promote positivity in Star Trek in the Star Trek community. I wish I could give you more then five stars for the rating keep up the great work. LLAP

BEST Star Trek Podcast anywhere

I have been listening to Bruce and Dan since they were on Literary Treks and it is ALWAYS a treat to listen to them. I can say with most certainty that I agree with their assessments and thoughts close to 99.9% of the time. They have great guests and I absolutely love when thy have the authors on when they do their book reviews. There is so much depth that goes in to the Novelverse and they explore it and look at things like “true believers”(hope you appreciate the Marvel Pun”) as I do. I can only hope someday our culture will “Grow Up” and be what Star Trek offers, A Positive Future! This is the ONLY podcast that I have listen to ALL episodes and look forward to each and every one!

I’m positive you’ll love them!

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Dan and Bruce are so fun to listen to. They are kind, insightful, and funny. I’m glad they are in the Trek fandom to spread positivity!

so much fun

this is the vibe I need in my life: nerds nerding about stuff I love and just, simply LOVING the content. thanks guys

Wonderful podcast with wonderful hosts

Two truly thoughtful, intelligent and, of course, positive hosts. Their friendship truly shines through and their Star Trek knowledge is incredibly vast. A must listen to podcast for anyone looking for upbeat Star Trek content.

Already a Winner

Bruce and Dan already make a great team on Literary Treks, so doing a podcast about all of Trek is a natural fit. I love the positivity, the personal stories, and the tangents. I adore that they have the freedom to cover every aspect of Trek, regardless of medium. But most of all, I love listening to these gentlemen defend and appreciate the big universe of Trek. May you live long and prosper! 🖖

Refreshing Approach to Fandom

In an era of divided opinion and ruined childhoods, Bruce and Dan choose instead to joyously celebrate the franchise they love. Having already established a podcasting chemistry in Literary Treks (take a drink), the hosts open up the discussion to the whole of Trek, not just Trek in printed form. The whole of the franchise is open for discussion, even toys. Okay, they may pick some nits from time to time, but they do so in a constructive and positive way.