June 2, 2020

Ryan’s “Star Trek INtakes”

Ryan’s “Star Trek INtakes”

The inclusion of the gag reels on the Star Trek: TNG blu-ray releases was a welcome addition to those collections. For one Star Trek fan, watching those bloopers gave him a genius idea for a few clever re-edits of scenes from the episodes.

In this episode, Bruce and Dan welcome Ryan of “Ryan’s Edits” to the show to discuss his “Star Trek INtakes” videos, which have recently been taking the internet by storm. We talk about his process, what each edit entails, and how he initially became a fan of Star Trek.

In the news segment, we talk about a recent interview with Bryan Fuller on the Inglorious Treksperts podcast, as well as the recent Star Trek “deep fake” videos which have appeared online.


Inglorious Treksperts Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/inglorious-treksperts/id1439126593

Bryan Fuller Describes ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Serialized “Year Of Hell” Season Rejected By Rick Berman: https://trekmovie.com/2020/05/29/bryan-fuller-describes-star-trek-voyager-serialized-year-of-hell-season-rejected-by-rick-berman/

Watch: Deepfake Has Leonard Nimoy As Young Spock In J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’: https://trekmovie.com/2020/05/29/watch-deepfake-has-leonard-nimoy-as-young-spock-in-j-j-abrams-star-trek/

Ryan’s Edits on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSDclEtPITbpWRqmC2Un3oQ


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