Jan. 25, 2023

Star Trek: Prodigy Season One Wrap-Up (Part 2)

Star Trek: Prodigy Season One Wrap-Up (Part 2)

Our Thoughts on Season One & What We Want in Season 2

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Positively Trek 226: Star Trek: Prodigy Season One Wrap-Up (Part 2)

Our Thoughts on Season One & What We Want in Season 2

Star Trek: Prodigyhas wrapped its phenomenal first season, and in this episode ofPositively Trek, Dan and Barry are discussing their favourite bits from the season and what they would like to see in season two. We get into the implications of the explosive events of the season finale, which characters we relate to the most, and where we see these characters going in the voyages to come!

In the news segment, we talk about the reassurance from Paramount thatStar Trek: Section 31is still on the way, Mike McMahan teases season 4 ofStar Trek: Lower Decks,Lower DecksandDiscoveryare nominated for awards, a new biography of Benjamin Sisko is on the way from author Derek Tyler Attico, and the renewal of the (formerly) Eaglemoss Build the Enterprise-D program!

Paramount+ Affirms Section 31 Star Trek Show Still In Development As Michelle Yeoh Wins Golden Globe -https://trekmovie.com/2023/01/11/paramount-affirms-section-31-star-trek-show-still-in-development-as-michelle-yeoh-wins-golden-globe/

Mike McMahan Teases ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Wedding, Visit To Orion & More Peanut Hamper -https://trekmovie.com/2023/01/17/mike-mcmahan-teases-star-trek-lower-decks-season-4-wedding-visit-to-orion-more-peanut-hamper/

‘Star Trek Lower Decks’ Nominated For Annie Award; ‘Discovery’ For NAACP And GLAAD Awards -https://trekmovie.com/2023/01/18/star-trek-lower-decks-nominated-for-annie-award-discovery-for-naacp-and-glaad-awards/

Star Trek’s Next ‘Autobiography’ Is Coming From Captain Benjamin Sisko -https://trekmovie.com/2023/01/18/star-treks-next-autobiography-is-coming-from-captain-benjamin-sisko/

Fanhome Revives Eaglemoss Enterprise-D Build Program; Master Replicas To Sell Leftover Ship Models -https://trekmovie.com/2023/01/21/fanhome-revives-eaglemoss-enterprise-d-build-program-master-replicas-to-sell-leftover-ship-models/

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Opening (00:00:00)

Section 31 “Still In Development” (00:01:45)

Mike McMahan Drops Hints About Lower Decks Season 4 (00:05:37)

Lower Decks & Discovery Nominated for Awards (00:14:35)

Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko (00:18:42)

Build the Enterprise-D Program Returns (00:22:40)

Patreon Shout Out (00:27:40)

Prodigy Discussion Part 2 (00:28:36)

Closing (01:06:54)



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