Nov. 24, 2020

Three New Trek Books to Put Under the Tree This Year!

Three New Trek Books to Put Under the Tree This Year!
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This time of year usually presents us with a plethora of new Star Trek book releases, and 2020 is no exception. No matter the level of “trekspertise” you have, there is a book for you this year!

In this episode of Positively Trek, hosts Dan and Bruce are joined by author and cartoonist Glenn Dakin to talk about his three Star Trek books that have recently been published: Nerd Search: Star Trek: Quibbles with Tribbles, Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium, and Mr. Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness: How to Survive in an Illogical World.

We also cover the top Trek news stories from the week, including an exciting new project for Anson Mount, as well as the sad news of the passing of Star Trek producer Herbert F. Solow.


Glenn Dakin’s Website: Dakin on Twitter:


Anson Mount Joins Scientific Effort To Make First Contact With Aliens:


Herb Solow, Producer Who Sold ‘Star Trek’ to NBC, Dies at 89:


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